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Holiday to Andalusia

Andalusia's hidden treasures

AndalusiaAndalusia is Spain’s most southern region, and boasts a variety of favourite tourist attractions among which are Costa del Sol's most popular beach resorts like Torremolinos, Marbella, Malaga, Puerto Banus and Estepona. However, Andalusia’s hidden treasures are also definitely worthwhile. Take Andalusia’s capital Sevilla for instance. It is Spain’s third largest city, yet relatively untouched by mass tourism. The area surrounding Malaga is influenced by Roman and Moorish culture, or in other words: Andalusian and Mediterranean culture. Andalusians are one of Europe’s most ancient people and their rich cultural heritage is also reflected by their character. They are passionate, sensual, uninhibited, lyrical and peaceful. They live their lives in the name of beauty for which they readily sacrifice common sense and practicality. Exaggeration is also part of their sunny nature, and Andalusians love making jokes about themselves especially.

Holiday to Andalusia

If you would like to know more about Andalusia’s other hidden treasures, Estepona, and the Costa del Sol, please do not hesitate to contact Appartementen Toppers.

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